Hanging Planter Tutorial

DIY projects are so hot right now.  I blame this craze on the wealth of information available on sites like Pinterest, where users can post pictures and tutorials illustrating how ‘easy and fun’ it can be to make something from scratch.  That being said, I’d much rather shop around and buy something instead of make it myself.  My ideas never materialize the way I originally envision, and by the time I shell out the cash for the necessary materials, I can safely conclude that I may as well have left it to the professionals on Etsy in the first place.  With that being said, the “budget” (NOT my idea) doesn’t afford me with unlimited purchasing power (I guess that’s kind of the point).

As I recently mentioned in another post, I’ve  taken to stocking our house with plants.   Some get stored on shelves, others in pots on the floor, but my favorite is to hang them from the ceiling (partly because I like the look, but mostly because they are out of my reach – so I can’t be expected to water them…).   I’ve been keeping an eye out for a mid-century modern hanging planter – like Justina Blakeney’s (see here) – but one hasn’t found me quite yet, so I resorted to a DIY project.  After a quick internet search I came up with a few tutorials for a macramé planter and decided to give it a shot.  Here it is:

Materials: indoor potted plant, spray paint, yarn or rope, scissors, ceiling hook


I went to Michael’s and found yarn that looked sturdy enough to hold the plant. I used yarn instead of rope because I liked the variety of options for color.


Cut the rope to desired length (I wanted the planter to hang about 1.5 – 2 feet from the ceiling, so I cut lengths of ~3 ft. yarn).  You can use anywhere from 6-10 pieces of rope, depending on the size of your pot (make sure you have an even number of pieces).


I also spray painted the pot gold to jazz it up a bit.  While the pot dried, I went about tying the yarn…which I don’t have a picture of…and I realize that’s an essential part of the tutorial…but I DO have a picture of my darling little helper (black and white filter applied to hide the fact that our grass is totally DEAD)!


Here’s the gist of the tying method: start by tying all pieces of the yarn together in a knot (a few inches from one end).  Lay the yarn on a flat surface and separate the yarn pieces into pairs.  Tie each pair together in a knot a few inches from the big knot you started with.  Then, take one piece from each pair and tie it to a piece of the pair next to it (a few inches away from the knotted pair). Go around  the circle doing this until you are satisfied with the detail of the knots.   An illustrated explanation can be found here.

Insert your plant into the tangle, bringing all the ends together at the top.  Knot them around the ceiling hook.  You’ll have to arrange the leaves so they aren’t all mashed by the yarn.  I added a bit of washi tape to the ends of the dangling yarn for some added detail.


Luckily for me, Annabel isn’t too picky about the craftsmanship of her hanging planter – I still have an eye out for something that looks a little less DIY!


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