// annabel – meaning: easy to love; lovable //

After the first couple of months of pregnancy, people began asking the question: “Do you have a feeling yet about whether you’ll have a boy or girl?”  How to answer this question…?  What if I share that I do, in fact, have a feeling that it’s a girl, but then end up seeing a boy in that abstract little ultrasound picture a few weeks later?  What sort of motherly intuition is that?  So, rather than go public with my prediction, I kept it to myself.

My husband, Jeff, and I agreed that we’d wait for that fateful ultrasound before we started arguing over names – why argue over boy AND girl names?  The problem with this agreement was that I had already secretly decided that we would be welcoming a baby girl in a few short months, and I took to the baby name app on my phone at every opportunity.   I didn’t make it past the A’s before I had settled on a name: Annabel. For the next month or two, I inwardly referred to our daughter using the name I’d given her, dreading the possibility that once I shared this little gem with my husband, he’d turn it down (or at least put up a fight).

The day of the ultrasound came and went, confirming what I suspected all along.  Once Jeff recovered from the initial shock that his first-born wasn’t going to be a boy (apparently there’s no such thing as  fatherly intuition), it was time to talk names.  My strategy was to discuss our options calmly (no easy feat when you are driving home on the verge of tears from your first attempt registering at Babies “R” Us).  I was forced to admit to him that I had already more-or-less settled on a name for our baby, and that I would be crushed if he didn’t love it as much as I did.

After a great deal of thought (and a surprisingly minimal amount of badgering on my part), Jeff came around and agreed to the name.  Annabel means easy to love, which is fitting, and is what eventually sealed the deal.

Since Annabel’s been born, we’ve been adjusting to a “new normal.”  I’m spending less time at Anthropologie and  increasingly more time at Baby Gap (who could resist?), and Jeff is scouting out the best infant bike seats and baby backpack carriers to use for hiking (while somehow still finding plenty of time to brew beer in the garage, despite my best efforts to thwart him).  As happy as I am to be a part of the ‘motherhood club,’ I hope to continue some of the interests and hobbies I had pre-Annabel. Documenting these activities will hopefully inspire me (and maybe you) to maintain a sense of self.   To quote Mrs. George from one of my favorite flicks, Mean Girls, “I’m not like a regular mom; I’m a cool mom.”


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