The Balancing Act


Budgets.  We all have them (right?), and some of us even stick to them (I can’t relate).  Luckily for me, I married a ‘saver.’  Each month I get an email from my husband.  Attached to the email is an Excel spreadsheet (snore), which I usually avoid opening if possible. I’ve heard that the spreadsheet shows how much we budget for certain spending categories vs. how much we actually spend.  You may have guessed that I’m rarely successful at staying ‘on budget,’ but I am trying to improve.  I’d really hate to get to the point of purchasing gift cards to Nordstrom at the grocery store to disguise the actual clothing expense from my husband (apparently that’s a thing in certain circles – you didn’t hear it from me).

Spending categories potentially on the chopping block (not making any promises):

  • Baby Gap – If I could only put Annabel to work as a Gap model, surely we’d get a discount on clothing?


  • Lush Cosmetics – Just can’t get enough of those bath bombs! I’ve seen recipes online for making your own bath bombs, but we know how I feel about DIY…


  • Home Goods – I could potentially open my own retail store with the amount of stuff I have stored up from this place (decorative pillows are my kryptonite).  Note to self: consider having  a garage sale to support my habit.
  • Amazon – I can have diapers periodically shipped to my door?  Can’t think of a reason not to!
  • Target – This category can’t go away completely, obviously – maybe just scaled back a little bit.

It’s going to be tough, but I guess anything is possible.  Good luck to you, Jeff. XO